Ashford Cleaners offers the highest level of custom dry cleaning and shirt laundry. We have earned our reputation for excellence, through our dedication to providing the finest service. Each garment is individually inspected and also checked for stains and minor repairs. Clothes are pre-spotted to remove any stains and carefully cleaned, before being meticulously pressed, re-inspected and enclosed in our signature packaging. Please see the variety of services we offer:


Have you noticed how shirts have changed? Men's shirts used to be basic, but now, designers add their signature flair - shirts have become more tapered and fitted, buttons may be thick or thin, there may be a bold stripe along the collar. All of these details require extra attention, whether washed or dry-cleaned.

You will see how we bring your shirts to life. All shirt collars and cuffs are pre-spotted before undergoing cleaning in our first-rate washers. Then comes the pressing - this will either be done by form presser, hand-pressed or hand-finished, depending on what the garment requires (or by preference). At Ashford Cleaners those garments that are hand-finished or hand-pressed, receive the extra touch of a French cuff fold, collar supports and collar stays. If you want shirts folded, just ask.

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