Our friendly driver will pick-up your personal dry cleaning items at your home or place of business, record any request before making a real-time invoice, and deliver your finished items back to you.

Let us know your preferred pick-up schedule of either twice per week, once per week or on call, and we will be there between 10:00am - 5:00pm

Customer item booklets are available for you to record items sent to us, if you choose.

How do I sign up for Ashford's pick-up and delivery service?

Simply click on the "Sign Up!" box that appears in the top right of our web page. You will then be guided through the new customer area.

How do I alert Ashford Dry Cleaners, if I have a special need for one of my items?

Inform the diver or place a Special Care Form completely filled out in your drop-off bag. Preferences can also be modify at anytime just inform us or visit ashfordcleans.com and sign-in to my account. We will gladly address this need when picking up your items.

Are there any additional fees for the convenience of using this pick-up/delivery service?

Ashford does not charge an extra fee for pick-up and delivery, however our over the counter prices are discounted.

Where does Ashford pick-up/deliver my clothes?

You choose your designated delivery area. Upon arrival we will first knock on your door and in the event that nobody is home, we would suggest a weather-sheltered area. Some common locations include: front door, back door, patio area or garage.

Do I need to be there when you pick-up/deliver to my location to use this service?

No. We do not require you to be there.

Please contact us for further details.

Question about a price?
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